SailFin FAQs

  1. What is SailFin?
    Project SailFin is based on robust and scalable SIP Servlets Technology contributed  by Ericsson. SailFin currently provides JSR 289 compatibility, high- availability, and clustering, and is integrated with the existing GlassFish services.

  • What is SIP?
    SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is an application level signaling protocol. It is designed to create, modify and terminate sessions between one or more participants. Typical SIP sessions can be telephone calls, multimedia distribution and conference participations. The base SIP specification is defined by IETF rfc3261.

  • What is the relationship between SailFin and GlassFish?
    GlassFish is a Java EE 5 based application server with high availability and scalability aimed at the enterprise customer.Its a project on , the main project therein being the application server. There are several sub-projects under the Glassfish project which use GlassFish as the runtime. Saifin is a subproject under GlassFish. It adds the SIP Servlet Container based on JSR 289 to GlassFish. In addition to the SIP Servlet Container , Sailfin also aims to provide High Availability of the SIP Servet Container and a loadbalancer for both SIP and HTTP traffic . Given the functionality , the Sailfin codebase requires GlassFish as its underlying runtime. The WebContainer from GlassFish and the SIP Servlet Container becomes the converged container that is typical of the SIP Application Servers based on JSR 289, More information here.

  • Where can I get SailFin?
    You can download SailFin from here.

  • What platforms does SailFin run on?
    SailFin downloads are available for: Solaris (SPARC and x86), Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

  • What is the version of JDK can I use with SailFin?
    To install and configure Sailfin you need to have JDK Version 5.0 update 8 or higher. Click here to download JDK

  • Where is the documentation?
    SailFin documentation is available here

  • Is SailFin really free?
    Yes! SailFin is open source and totally free to use.

  • How do I file an RFE for SailFin?
    You can post RFEs to the Issue Tracker.

  • How can I get help on SailFin?
    Post a question on the discussion forum.

  • How do I get involved?
    You can participate in the discussions and subscribe to the mailing lists. Take a look at some cool new project ideas and at the Quality Portal.

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