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The SailFin installer installs the GlassFish application server and SailFin sip servlet container on top of that. The majority of the GlassFish code is available under a dual license consisting of the Common Development and Distribution License ( CDDL) v1.0 and the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.  The following page contains details about the components in GlassFish and the licenses under which they are covered.

Instructions to unbundle and configure SailFin

To install and configure SailFin you need to have JDK 5 Update 8 or higher installed on your system. The configuration processing depends on Ant (1.6.5).  The bundle includes an Ant distribution that has been extended with tasks to facilitate developing Java EE 5 applications for the application server.

  • Run the following command to unbundle SailFin and create a new parent directory named "sailfin".
       % java -Xmx256m -jar filename.jar
  • Change directory to "sailfin".
       % cd sailfin
  • If you are using a machine with an operating system that is a derivative of UNIX(tm), set the execute permission for the Ant binaries that are included with the SailFin bundle.
       % chmod -R +x lib/ant/bin 
       % lib/ant/bin/ant -f setup.xml 
    OR for Windows:
       % lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup.xml 
    For SailFin with Clustering supported installation, just change step 4 from the above installation.
       % lib/ant/bin/ant -f setup-cluster.xml 
    OR  for Windows:
       % lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup-cluster.xml 
  • Instructions to deploy and run CallSetup Applications

    This sample is available under your SailFin installation directory (INSTALL_HOME/samples/sipservlet/CallSetup). Instruction to deploy and execute this sample Click Here.

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