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Developer Unit Testing
SailFin developer is required to write unit tests for each of their modules. Quality team uses these tests as reference for extensive functional testing.Read further to know more about how to add developer unit tests.more»
GlassFish and Netbeans IDE
Here are steps to use Netbeans to develop SIP/JavaEE apps. Download Netbeans 5.5/SIP plugin for development.
SailFin Test Process
Click here to get the testing process document.
Functional Test Framework
Use either TestNG or JUnit test clients for running Java EE/SIP applications as functional tests more»
FindBugs Tool
FindBugs is a static Java code analysis tool which spits out potential error and warning just by introspeciting Java code.  more»
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SailFin project releases
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Community members can add developer unit tests or functional tests. Even non Java based tests for web console and command line interface are welcome. Post your experience. Finally,blog about workarounds,troubleshooting so that other community members can learn from your experience. more»


Glassfish Quality team members are located throughout the world. Learn more about us and interact with us and read our blogs.more»

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