SailFin Projects

We started getting queries for projects around SailFin. People in the US are calling it summer projects, but technically, it will be Summer in a few months, only in one of the two hemipsheres! So, we don't really care what season it is. If you got the inspiration, we encourage that you to get started with a project, whatever the season is!

Here are some ideas collected so far.

  • ConferenceManager: This was the demo app we talked up at JavaOne 2007. This could be the open source WebEx killer but needs a bit of work. The source will be open under some friendly license like Apache or CDDL real soon (Jon Kaplan is working that. Thanks Jon!). You could pick one or more features to add: conference recording, content management, wiki integration, conference page creation etc. or bigger stuff. Really up to you.

  • Resource Adapters: We thought XMPP, ICE or STUN Adapters would be quite useful to have.

  • Presence Server: Write a SIP REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY based presence server. Supports buddy lists etc.

  • IM Server: I dont how I would do this without MSRP, but may be there is a clever way to just use what we already have and build an IM server application.

  • Social Mashups: This is wide open. Mix REST (see Project Jersey) and SIP and other APIs like OpenSocial. Cook up something useful and entertaining.

  • OpenIMSCore Integration: This is more hardcore Telecom network stuff. We have been eyeing the work being done by the guys at OpenIMSCore project. You could help us figure out how SailFin can work with the HSS and CSCF emulators they have.

  • If you are interested in running with one of these project ideas or want to propose a new project, please drop a note. We would love to hear from you.We are looking for projects around web-based multimedia collaboration that will be developed using JSR-289 SIP Servlets and Java EE technologies. Projects can be stand-alone in We prefer CDDL or something CDDL-friendly like Apache, BSD license.

    Prizes? Well, there is moolah for GlassFish projects this year. Look at the GapTop announcement. It is quite a big bag of change! So spread the word and get coding soon!
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